Quantum AI Experience: How secure is the Quantum AI crypto exchange?

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Quantum AI is aimed at professional cryptocurrency traders. It requires a balance of USD 10,000 to start trading and allows for a variety of specialized trades in addition to simple market value exchanges of, for example, US dollars for Bitcoins. These include limit and stop orders, margin trading and lending, and over-the-counter (OTC) trades (i.e. direct trades between two parties that are not recorded in the order book). While there is a wide range of different options, everything is designed in an impressively intuitive manner, with easy-to-use dashboards and menus. However, despite the robustness of its daily security measures, Quantum AI has been hacked twice (in 2015 and 2016) and this casts a shadow over an otherwise very good platform.

Quantum AI Experience: How secure is the Quantum AI crypto exchange?

Users quickly notice that the operators of Quantum AI Crypto Exchange are serious about security. Under the Security menu item, users can find some information about the management of client funds as well as the precautions taken by the security team. In addition to SSL encryption, customers are offered secure two-factor authentication (2FA). Additional security precautions are provided through an email notification when logging in. If the log-in to the platform was not initiated by the customer, he can have his account blocked immediately via a link sent to him. Another security measure is the encryption of all e-mail messages.

Conclusion: positive Quantum AI experiences

The Quantum AI Crypto Exchange is well received by users in the Quantum AI Review. Experienced traders in particular benefit from the Quantum AI crypto exchange. On the platform, payments are primarily made with cryptocurrencies. However, fiat currencies like Euro and USD are also supported. However, the customer service can only be reached via the contact form, which might result in some deductions in the Quantum AI ratings. Inquiries are processed quickly and competently.

In the Quantum AI test, the fact that the website is only available in three languages was also a reason for a point deduction in the Quantum AI reviews. German customers therefore have to be content with using the portal in English.

Incidentally, users will find over 121 different coins on offer. These are offered for purchase or sale. Those who want to customize the design of the trading program can do so at will. Users can protect their account via U2F or 2FA. According to Quantum AI experiences, the operators do a lot against unauthorized access by hackers or other cyber criminals. In return, the fees are rather low. However, traders must be able to demonstrate a high trading volume.

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